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Sports Special Histories

A Horrible Histories Special For Sport Relief 2012

A film from the Sport Relief 2012 night of TV. All the money you donate to support Sport Relief will help people living unimaginably tough lives, both on your doorstep in the UK, and across.

2012-03-23 05:15 46,068 YouTube

Horrible Histories | Sport Special William Fatty Foulke

Please read description! Horrible Histories if you (owners) want to REMOVED this video, PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY. We will(Respectfully) remove it. Uploading this for people who are...

2015-03-09 01:54 5,599 YouTube

Horrible Histories with Stephen Fry - BBC Sport Relief Night 2012

Donate now to help change lives at

2012-03-23 05:20 18,273 YouTube

Miranda Hart Sport Relief Special 2012

Comedienne Miranda Hart finds herself playing a game of tennis against one of Britain's best loved sports personalities at the Royal Albert Hall with outrageous consequences. This bumper epi

2012-03-28 01:18 18,557 YouTube

Black Ball - The Players of the Negro Baseball Leagues

Thursday, February 21, 2013 What If histories stir the imagination, leaving people wondering how their lives could have been different if alternative decisions had been made. History and spo

2013-09-23 27:43 25,765 YouTube

Horrible Histories . s01e02 . Episode 2 . children story for full eposides!!!!- File Uploader (

2016-10-30 28:12 5,551 Dailymotion

Horrible Histories . s01e07 . Episode 7 . children story for full eposides!!!!- File Uploader (

2016-11-01 28:20 2,420 Dailymotion

Yarına Dönüş – The Sum of Histories (2015) Fragman

Yapımı : 2015 - Belçika Tür : Bilim Kurgu , Dram , Romantik Süre: 86 Dak. Yönetmen : Lukas Bossuyt Oyuncular : Koen De Graeve , Matteo Simoni , Leo Ac...

2016-10-27 01:34 15,318 Dailymotion

Horrible Histories . s01e08 . Episode 8 . children story for full eposides!!!!- File Uploader (

2016-11-02 28:20 1,806 Dailymotion

Horrible Histories . s01e05 . Episode 5 . children story for full eposides!!!!- File Uploader (

2016-10-30 28:20 2,154 Dailymotion

The Hidden History of the Zoom Lens

This is a video summarising the research behind my doctoral thesis on the history of the zoom lens in American film and television. It was made in response to t...

2014-07-24 03:00 2,871 Vimeo

SIMB le «faux-lion»

The «Simb» or the «Faux-Lion» has at its origin a possession ritual. It's symbolics and performative dimensions are very telling about senegalese cultural i...

2013-03-29 06:14 1,497 Vimeo

#DroneStory - Taking Pop Culture History to New Heights


2015-07-28 03:31 0 Vimeo

Red Storm Report

The Red Storm Report is a 10 episode magazine-style coaches show that airs weekly on the MSG Networks. This show is completed solely by the St. John's Universit...

2015-04-23 09:55 22 Vimeo