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What is Juche? | Stuff That I Find Interesting

Thanks to Xios, Alan Haskayne, Lachlan Lindenmayer, William Crabb, Derpvic, Seth Reeves and all my other Patrons. If you want to help out ...

2016-04-02 08:49 9,683 YouTube

Juche in Britain & Korea

On the 100th Anniversary of Kim Il Sung's Birth, Ella Rule of the CPGB-ML honors this great revolutionary and anti-imperialist fighter by explaining the meaning ...

2012-07-03 53:20 9,367 YouTube

What is the Juche ideology in North Korea? Explaination from North Korean guide in Pyongyang.

Our North Korean tour guide in Pyongyang explains the Juche ideology. Video shot in March 2014 in front of the Juche Tower.

2014-04-03 04:11 4,649 YouTube

¿Cómo entender la Idea Juche en 3 minutos?

El Juche es la base que define la ideología, la política y religión de la República Democrática Popular de Corea. Una frase atribuida a Kim Il Sung define juche ...

2016-08-11 03:14 2,146 YouTube

Dan Webster-Reply to Voice Of Communism Juche is anti Marxist


2016-05-13 13:32 2,414 YouTube

The Revolution of Juche - Trailer

Watch Now >>> A North Korean refugee tells the story of her escape to China and the many trials she f...

2016-12-13 02:05 3 Dailymotion

Director Mark Niu of Juche Rules at AOF Fest 2010

In this interview director Mark Niu showcases his talents for delivering great suspense and drama in this three man game of chess in the countryside of North Ko...

2010-09-07 01:47 14 Dailymotion

The Pyongyang Times [July 28, Juche 101 (2012)]

The Pyongyang Times [July 28, Juche 101 (2012)]...

2016-07-21 03:44 2 Dailymotion

Responce to Dan Juche (link in the description)

Responce to Dan Juche (link in the description)...

2015-07-14 19:22 0 Dailymotion

North Korean People's Army Funky Get Down Juche Party

2014: I finally learned how to use an editor. You're looking at the cleaned up version of this now! Old, crappy version can be viewed on YT. 2010: Clips from a...

2010-03-10 02:48 129,521 Vimeo

Visualtraveling - 'Kim Il-Sung's Birthday Party'

Traveling to the Hermit Kingdom is already bizarre enough, but when we heard that North Korea would be celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Great Leader ...

2012-04-26 03:00 172,276 Vimeo

Juche BongoBox

Leader Kim Jong Il is a pioneer of experimental music, electronic music and non-standard use of musical instruments, Dear Leader Kim Jong Il is one of the leadi...

2009-09-10 02:36 1,787 Vimeo

Juventud Juché - "Lacras"

Video dirigido por Ricardo Roncero. "Lacras" está extraída de "Qumadero", el LP de debut de Juventud Juché, publicado por Gramaciones Grabofónicas y Sonido...

2013-12-08 02:03 978 Vimeo

Juventud Juché - Lacras

Videoclip de "Lacras", corte extraido del primer largo de Juventud Juché. Perteneciente "Quemadero", editado por Sonido Muchacho y Gramaciones Grabofónicas S...

2013-12-08 02:03 1,439 Vimeo