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Dirty Objects Redub

Dirty Objects Redub

2014-12-05 06:05 7,216 YouTube

James & the Dirty Objects Redub 1/2

New Redub, re-narration of my "Dirty Objects" redub, narrated by NemesisHero123. Based on "Dirty Objects" & "Troublesome Trucks"

2010-05-19 06:18 12,190 YouTube

James in a Mess Redub

Made with Perfect Video Here is the latest Redub of James in a Mess!! And I'm just so impressed and proud by how this turned out for me!

2017-08-19 05:31 1,163 YouTube

Dirty Objects REDUB

Instrumental By Taylor Z. Cast: James - Me Narrator - Me Toby - Thomas the tank boss Percy - Thomas Ruvo ...

2018-04-02 05:15 374 YouTube

Dirty Objects Narration Redub

Here's my twenty third narration redub. This is a narration made back on my old account ThomasRedubChannel. This is my version of Dirty Objects. Disclaimer i ...

2009-02-03 05:30 15,544 YouTube

James & The Dirty Objects Narration Redub

Here's my own narration of Dirty Objects. Enjoy!Everything was copyrighted to their rightful owners....

2009-01-29 06:31 4,076 Dailymotion

Dirty Objects - 5th Narration Redub

From the Railway Series Book 7, "Toby the Tram Engine" by the Rev. W. Awdry. James makes fun of Toby and Henrietta for having shabby paint. When Toby makes a ...

2013-10-29 06:20 666 Dailymotion

James & the Dirty Objects Redub

A Re-narration of my Dirty Objects narration. Based on "Dirty Objects" and "Troublesome Trucks", narrated by NemesisHero123...

2010-06-24 13:01 1,297 Dailymotion

Dirty Objects Redub

The last piece of rubbish from me, in my opinion. The last where I decided to narrate for it, considering I realized I suck ass. However this is the first where...

2010-06-24 08:16 714 Dailymotion

Dirty Work Redub ( 2004 )


2017-03-22 04:34 158 Dailymotion