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Baba Parmanand Mms

Barabanki Baba Parmanad's another fraud story

Baba of Barabaki Parmand blessed couples to child. He don't afraid from any rule or jurisdiction.

2016-05-23 23:44 74,663 YouTube

Mms Jai Bajarangi baba

Jai Bajarangi baba supper song.

2018-04-06 02:52 98 YouTube

Jhaada wala baba in a village of Rajasthan

Their is a village near Jaat Bahroad in this village 2 people doing Jhada work they are helping people from the typhoid .

2016-08-14 02:55 223,325 YouTube

jatia baba mms 9040424044

Angul new jatia baba.

2017-08-27 00:59 201 YouTube

Barabanki's fraud baba Parmanand claims people to bless them with kids

Barabanki is a district in UP where a fraud baba named Parmanand is busy in be-fooling innocent people. He promises the couple to bless them with kids.

2016-05-12 03:42 139,879 YouTube

Barabanki baba Parmanand


2016-05-14 20:04 46,048 Dailymotion

Parmanand Baba of Barabanki arrested


2016-05-24 10:51 11,474 Dailymotion