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Jackie Chan Adventures - Black Magic

Captain Black accidentally wears an Oni mask that turns him into the demon version of himself. Jackie must use the Tiger Talisman to split Capt. Black into good and bad versions of himself.

2012-05-23 21:22 393 YouTube

Jackie Chan Adventures - J2

A Jade from the future arrives to try and destroy the magic Dragon Teeth that Drago will one day use to take over Section 13. Drago has follwed Jade from the future to stop her.

2012-05-23 21:18 1,104 YouTube

No! Magic Must Defeat Magic!

lol @ the one guy not in a suit.

2013-06-04 00:16 1,833 YouTube

Jackie Chan Adventures - The Masks of the Shadowkhan

Daolon Wong summons the Shadowkhan to help him escape from prison, but Tarakudo, King of all Shadowkhan appears! Jackie must stop this new threat from his plan to "shroud the Earth in Shadow

2012-05-23 21:22 2,565 YouTube

Jackie Chan Adventures - The Demon Behind

Jade uses the Rat Talisman on an Oni Mask to try and learn how to defeat Tarakudo. The mask ends up fusing to the rear end of Finn, and Tohru is kidnapped by a Shadowkhan of The Demon Genera

2012-05-24 21:17 306 YouTube

Jackie Chan Adventures - Episode 73 - Black Magic

Jackie Chan Adventures - Episode 73 - Black Magic While aiding the Chans in obtaining an Oni mask, Captain Black ends up wearing The Mask Of General Midori. Wh...

2017-01-14 21:19 761 Dailymotion

Jackie Chan Adventures S04 04 Black Magic


2016-12-15 21:19 413 Dailymotion

Jackie Chan Adventures S04E04 Black Magic


2017-08-04 21:19 12 Dailymotion

Jackie Chan Adventures S 4- 04 Black Magic


2017-07-27 21:19 9 Dailymotion

Jackie Chan Adventures S04E04 Black Magic


2017-08-26 21:17 0 Dailymotion

Aladdin Hubie 3 And The King Of Thieves (The Pebble and the Penguin) Cast Video

Cast Aladdin - Hubie (The Pebble and the Penguin) Princess Jasmine - Marina (The Pebble and the Penguin) Jago - Dr. Drakken (Kim Possible) Genie - Gadget (Chip ...

2016-10-04 00:35 69 Vimeo