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Dr. Phil Has Guest Escorted Off Stage

As personal development Coach Mike Bayer offers advice to Dr. Phil's guests, Dr. Phil interrupts to kick one of the guests off stage. Find out why.

2018-09-21 03:53 130,537 YouTube

Woman’s Husband And Man She’s Dating Meet For The First Time On Dr. Phil’s Stage

A man meets the man his wife is dating. See what happens when they come face-to-face. And, see why Dr. Phil calls the new man unethical. Coach Mike ...

2018-09-21 05:03 113,331 YouTube

Dr. Phil To Guest: ‘You’re Falling Victim To Outrageous Overshadow’

A woman who claims her family has abused her all her life says she regrets saying horrible things to her daughter. Subscribe to Dr. Phil: ...

2018-09-20 04:11 108,221 YouTube

Why A Bride Says She Didn’t Invite Mom To Help Her Pick Out Her Wedding Dress

A woman claims her family excluded her from planning her daughter's wedding. The bride says it's hard to invite her mother, “Knowing how she really feels ...

2018-09-20 05:05 123,720 YouTube

Text Message ‘Dr. Phil’ Staff Member Received Claiming Former Guest Had Taken Her Own Life

Hear about a text message a Dr. Phil staff member received claiming that a former guest accused of faking pregnancies and babies' deaths was dead.

2018-08-30 03:41 595,238 YouTube

Dr. Phil

Cameron Giles Tanner Nelson Colton Dale Bryan Capilli...

2011-02-06 02:56 3,841 Vimeo

Dinosaur Dig with Dr. Phil Currie - Short Documentary

A short documentary about a styracosaurus fossil skeleton extraction by Dr. Phil Currie at Dinosaur Provincial Park. I had the chance to interview Dr. Phil Cur...

2018-01-04 05:02 861 Vimeo

Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil Testimonial...

2011-02-17 01:31 549 Vimeo

Vespers - Dr. Phil Mills

Vespers with Dr. Phil Mills given Friday, October 1 at 7:00 to 8:30 p.m....

2010-10-02 41:01 2,063 Vimeo

Dr. Phil Thanks FamilyIQ


2011-06-30 00:20 960 Vimeo