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Horrible Histories Songs | Charles Dickens | CBBC

Find out about the life, achievements and miseries of famous author Charles Dickens with this song from Horrible Histories. For more fun, CBBC games, shows, quizzes and great makes visit htt

2018-02-07 03:02 10,027 YouTube

Horrible Histories Songs | Charles Darwin 'Natural Selection' | CBBC

This song from Horrible Histories is all about Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution. For more fun, CBBC games, shows, quizzes and great makes visit

2018-02-12 02:46 6,415 YouTube

Horrible Histories Song - World War 1 Cousins - CBBC

Here's a brilliant Horrible Histories new song called 'Cousins'.From the Horrible Histories World War One special episode 'Frightful First World War'. For more CBBC Games, Horrible Histories

2014-08-04 02:16 1,810,636 YouTube

Horrible Histories | Henry VIII does Historical First Dates

How will Henry VIII get on with his date Catherine of Aragon... his dead brother's wife. Awks! Catch up with everything Horrible Histories:

2017-07-31 01:53 55,062 YouTube

Horrible Histories Awesome Egyptians

2015-11-02 24:07 145,888 YouTube

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