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Horrible Histories 2009 Season 2 Episode 1

2018-03-10 28:22 24,480 YouTube

Horrible Histories Song - World War 1 Cousins - CBBC

Here's a brilliant Horrible Histories new song called 'Cousins'.From the Horrible Histories World War One special episode 'Frightful First World War'. For more ...

2014-08-04 02:16 1,994,068 YouTube

Horrible Histories Songs | Charles Darwin 'Natural Selection' | CBBC

This song from Horrible Histories is all about Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution. For more fun, CBBC games, shows, quizzes and great makes visit ...

2018-02-12 02:46 88,338 YouTube

Horrible Histories | Henry VIII does Historical First Dates

How will Henry VIII get on with his date Catherine of Aragon... his dead brother's wife. Awks! Catch up with everything Horrible Histories: ...

2017-07-31 01:53 84,327 YouTube

Horrible Histories Song - Cleopatra - CBBC

RA-RA Cleopatra! Find out about the crazy life and bad romance of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra as she goes 'Gaga' in this Horrible Histories song. For more fun ...

2014-10-13 02:25 2,031,340 YouTube

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