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Summertime Saga - Miss Okita's Quest#4,How to Find Ingredients and Mix Them

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Summertime Saga Miss Okita's Quest#4 How to Make Serum To Make Serum you need to find 5 Ingredients 1. To Find Miss Smith's DNA Sample you need to go in her Office during afternoon and Search in dustbin 2. To Find The Base Liquid go to Comsum-R and ask from Veronica about vegetable Stock after that you need to buy the Chicken Stock 3. To Find The Falcum Mushroom jump into Forest 4. You can also find Horny Toad in forest 4. Psychotropic Euphobria can be found in Cave near the WaterFall in Forest at Night Miss Dewitt Quest#1 - Miss Okita Quest#1 - Miss Ross Quest Complete - Download Summertime Saga v0.15.2 - HOW TO INSTALL SUMMERTIME SAGA : MONEY HACK SUMMERTIME SAGA : LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE