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Urban Nudes

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A short clip of 3 Naked Performances for promotion on the crowdfunding-site >>> Next: ARTWALK WITH NUDE ACCENTS Biel Switzerland Urban Space Saturday 17 May 2014, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Fixed route through Biel, with fast walking and stops, with naked grouping close to each other ("Nacktknäuel"), installation of performative actions, slow walking, if possible slow crossing of the main transit route through Biel. Police autorization expected. Context: jolimai festival Biel Switzerland. The Artwalk with Nude Accents will be accompagnied by video. After 6 p.m. performance in the Gallery "Alte Krone". You want to participate? Contact: Thomas Zollinger, Event and rehearsal: 16.5.-19.5.2014, Free overnight (bring sleeping bag), Low cost accomodation lakeside. Sponsor this project! Unterstütze dieses Projekt! >>> 3 Naked Performances NAKED ART WALK Zurich Turbinenplatz 08/09/2012, 15.20h-16.00h Performance of a 40 minute Naked Walking (max 1m/min) in this large and generous public square in Zürich. With 9 women, 13 men. An independent project in the context of artandthecity, an allusion to the "Limmat Art Walk"(Hamish Fulton) with its 170 clothed slow walkers along the river Limmat. NACKTKNÄUEL Zürich Rathausbrücke 07/06/2013, 17.45h-18.25h Slow Walking of 14 naked people close to each eather alternately to free walking. A further study concerning the relation between naked people and passersby flow in urban space and everyday life. NAKED PERFORMANCE STUDIES Zurich Rathausbrücke 30/08/2013, 17.45h-18.25h An open situation with passers-by on a central public area, with 20 people 25 to 80 years old 17.45h-18.00h, positioned over the whole square, only standing 18.15h-18.03h, compact group 18.03h-18.15h, spread out over the whole square, individual positions and actions 18.15h-18.18h, compact group 18.18h-18.25h slow walking over the whole square All performances were police authorised. Concept / Direction Thomas Zollinger, Camera Y