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Debate - WUDC - No War without a Popular Vote - Demo Debate - US Air Force 2013

2013-09-28 1 571 Vimeo

A demonstration debate at the US Air Force Academy in September 2013. THBT acts of war shoyld be approved by a referendum. 1st Prop: Viktor Prija (Univ of Belgrade) & Meghan Towles (Carroll College) 1st Opp: Michael Whiteside (US Air Force Academy) & Teo Radetic (Univ of Ljubljana) 2nd Prop: Nika Jalaska (Croatia) & Josh Martin (California) 2nd Opp: Sharmila Parmanand (Ateneo Manila) & Reuben Luoma-Overstreet (US Air Force Academy) This video is produced by DEBATE CENTRAL ( ) a debating website founded in 1994. DEBATE CENTRAL is a non-profit service of the World Debate Institute , the Lawrence Debate Union and the University of Vermont, and is designed to promote debating at all levels, in all languages, and all around the world. Our server is provided by the University of Vermont. The System Operator is Alfred C."Tuna" Snider. The Technical Advisors are Andrew Hendrickson and Wesley Wright. The Business Manager is Lionel Palardy. Raw archive of debate videos for download are at