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2015-05-10 2,791 0 Vimeo

In Korean, Wedding has meaning of "Going husband house." In other words, "Leaving her home." I wanted to tell a story about woman, who was a baby, daughter, lady, wife, and mom. Making of "Mom" - drawings, miniatures & 3D : - compositing & matte painting : Thanks for Chung-Ang Univ 3D Animation lab ( & FXgear ( who support technical and financial support. I also very appreciate for Geuktae Noh, Woong Sung, and Seunghoon Kang who worked with me for almost two years to make this incredable work. Also, I very appreciale for all of your collaboration with Haewon, Jungyoon, Yeonjung, Minyoung(clockhouse) and Seungbae, Taekyung, Cholho, Sanghoon, Wangsik, Youmi, Jiyiung, Kiman, Jicheil, Jaeil, Chulhyun, and my wife Hyejin. And, most of all, Thanks, Mom. Uploaded at Mother's day 2015 (Korean only)